Reading Plan

I developed my own plan for reading slowly through all 150 Psalms over the next two years.

My goal is to have time each week for re-reading, contemplation, and deeper study.

It comes out to be about 20-40 verses (1-3 Psalms) each week (4-8 verses/day, 5 days a week), with a week off here and there (for Christmas, catch-up, etc.).

I’m hoping to be able to stay on track…with your help!

If you’re reading along, I would encourage you not to get ahead. If you find more time during the week, let yourself linger with the words a little longer. And if you find yourself “falling behind,” don’t worry about it. This is a two-year journey; who cares if it takes a few extra weeks? There’s no special prize for getting to the end “on schedule”; all of the benefit is in the weekly discipline of reading and exploration.

You may find it helpful to use the Subscribe feature in the right sidebar; I’ll write a brief post each week to remind you where we’re at in the reading plan, and you’ll get an email notification to help keep you on the same page.

You can download the reading plan in PDF format here: 2 Years of Psalms. Feel free to pass along the link to this page to others who might be interested in reading along with you!


3 thoughts on “Reading Plan

  1. So glad you are having an outlet for your writing desire – will love going thru Psalms with you – Ken & I will do it together:)

  2. I’m signing up, may tell some other friends too! Looking forward to doing this! This may not be my MAIN focus during these two years, but I’d like to join in and do all the reading and spend some time reflecting and sharing the journey with others–being inspired by what others discover too. Read Psalm 1 today–July 1, but must confess, I “got ahead” in anticipation…reviewed it from memory a few times earlier this week. Don’t think I accurately remembered the last verse.

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